Drimia Winery

Drimia is about preserving a connection between the past, present and future.
Man and nature, the earth and the sky.
It’s about a promise, and a new beginning.
Tradition and innovation. Skill and inspiration

Drimia is a Boutique Winery located in Sussiya at the southern Judean Hills, situated 882 meters above sea level.

 The winery combines ancient agricultural methods alongside innovation and modernization.

Our story

Most of all, the story of Drimia is about the blessed honor of bringing people together.

Drimia was created by Elad and Nava Movshovitz, third generation of agricultural families proudly working to realize the vision of our prophets in the land of milk and honey.

Drimia winery is located in Sussiya, in the heart of the Yatir region along the southern Judean hills, between the mountains and the desert, 890 meters above sea level.

This semi arid area is a meeting point between Mediterranean and desert climates. Deep winters enable a healthy slumber of the vines, while the sun, dry air, hot days and cold nights enhance the taste of our grapes, which are harvested by hand when ripe and ready.

All of our wines are produced with carefully selected, premium grapes, and prepared with the utmost care and dedication to details. This is our calling; respecting our path, promoting life and prosperity in the region, and making the promise of our ancestors a reality.

We welcome guests for wine tasting upon request

 All Drimia wines are Kosher LeMehadrin.